I am Krista Nebeker. I am a belief giver...which means I believe in YOU—your purpose, passion and power. I am a Leadership Consultant, speaker and style expert. The physics of your personality will unleash your inner purpose! Together we will discover what sets your soul on fire. This will help you find renewed strength to show up and stand out as the leader you truly were born to be!

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Style Consultant AKA Color Therapist is what I really am because almost all of my 2,000+ clients fear of putting color on their bodies!

For years I guided women and a few men through a process to enhance and harmonize their inner and outer beauty. Along the way I began to shift and adjust as I started to see a conflict between the absolute “rules” and the realistic lifestyles of my clients. Now, we discover together and create their unique Style Expression with a joyful outcome! 

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Be brilliant and be confident as the amazing soulful woman that you are. Together we will transform your style from the inside out. Show up and stand out!

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Come learn how to increase your influence as a strong leader naturally and effortlessly. Discover the structure you crave and how to apply it in all areas of your life for greater harmony and success.

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The most important part of you is your matter and understanding it’s structure, energy, light, motion and etc. Discover how your Matter matters!


Fast forward 22 years later and I am happily married, 7 months pregnant with our 4th boy when suddenly my husband becomes gravely ill. He was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia and again my world was turned upside down. I was knee deep in pain. After we recovered and my husband was healed I began helping other cancer caregivers; thinking this was my purpose. I never loved thinking cancer was my purpose, however. So I revisited my raw ugly pain and I found my purpose was using my knowledge to help others find their inner purpose, ignite their passion so they can lead with the power of their expression!

I am a woman born with a purpose just like you. Discovering it was far from easy or fun. I do believe you find your purpose in your pain but it might not be what you think at first or even second. This is what I mean. My dad died when I was a teenager from cancer. This turned my youth upside down. It did eventually ignite my desire to find out who I really was—at my soul level.

My Story

I was always in trouble in school for talking too much...so naturally I love to speak to anyone who will listen. I mainly talk about my amazing & crazy life experiences. They range from losing my dad to cancer as a teenager, the unlikely person that ran a marathon, self-expression to surviving - enduring - thriving through my husband’s leukemia diagnosis when I was 7 months pregnant with our 4th boy.

Oh the stories I can tell! I learned some real, raw and hilarious lessons on this life journey. I would love to come inspire belief to your group while making them laugh out loud! I promise they will believe they can achieve!


Leadership Development Consultant

This IS my purpose and passion! I believe in people and the teams they work with. Leadership is more than finding your strengths to be confident, it’s being able to actually see how to motivate your unique group to the desired destination. 

Lucky for you I created a cutting edge, one-of-a-kind program that will transform the way you structure, motivate and communicate as a leader and a team. This process is proven to replace the toxic and chaotic work environment with cohesion and clarity for amazing outcomes.

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