It’s time you get some color therapy and stop hiding in this black and grey world. Strong brilliant women add color to the board room. I will help you see, feel and know your unique flare so you can OWN IT! 

Believe & Amaze

Transforming your outer style is a wonderful boost of outward confidence and lowers the daily stress of what to wear!
Over the years I found that we are eager to change the way we show up in the world. We desire to stand out and look amazing. 
I discovered most of my clients were all lacking one foundational belief. The belief in themselves, they had low self-worth. I started to incorporate self-esteem tips and principles into my classes and workshops. I was surprised to find how uncomfortable all my brilliant clients were to stand in front of a mirror and look at their beautiful selves. 
This sparked my new program that truly transforms my clients from the inside out!
It is truly a Soul + Style fusion that will AMPLIFY your sense of self!

Soul + Style

as you are!


confident          amazing

Let's get you feeling as

transform me